After a very busy Wednesday of working my full time job, going to an association meeting and trying to find the last signature for my nomination papers. I got a phone call from my running mate telling me “I found our last signature, can you pop over to their house after 7:30pm when they will be free?”. So after being given their name and address I head over to their house (not been home more than 10 mins myself at this point) and give their door a knock.


I lady answers:

Me: Hi, You must be Carol, I’m Wai-Lee. Doug sent me over to get my last signature for my nomination papers.

Carol: Oh yes, Wai-Lee was it? Did you go to Fulfen Primary School?

Me: Yes, many years ago. I’m 33 now!

Carol: Yes I thought I recognised the name, I was one of your dinner ladies.


I thought to myself “amazing”! My reasons for entering into public service was to give back to the community that nurtured and protected me when I was growing up, and now here I am with my primary school dinner lady being the last signatory on my nomination papers.  It must be destiny.


*I changed the name of my dinner lady to protect her right to privacy.*



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