It’s 7am and I find myself sitting at a local business networking group in Burntwood about to talk politics, what on earth was I thinking?!

I wasn’t there to tell these entrepreneurs how amazing I would be as a local councillor or the benefits of having a Conservative controlled council. I wasn’t there to win votes, I was there to encourage people to just go out and vote on 2nd May 2019.

I have always said, the most important thing about elections are to exercise our right to vote. There are places on our planet where people are losing their freedom and even their lives to have this very right to which a lot of us take for granted.

I have spent hours and hours going around Burntwood speaking to people on their door step and what some people tell me is really worrying: “I am not voting, there’s no point, Brexit, Parliament is a joke”.

I totally understand their frustration! Whenever we turn on the news or read it, we can’t escape Brexit and the deadlocks down in Westminster. But local elections aren’t about delivering Brexit. They are about delivering essential services to our families! And on 2nd May 2019, the people who get voted in regardless if you voted or not will be in charge of things like:

  • Setting council tax
  • Planning in our area
  • Social and Health Care in our area
  • Parks that our children play in and get fresh air
  • Investments into local amenities like our leisure centre and Health care facilities

This is why taking part in the process that choose the people responsible for the above is so important, they directly affect our families.

I am a Conservative candidate and Conservatives charge less council tax whilst providing better services through the efficient management of our resources, this is why I think people should vote Conservative BUT more importantly people should just go and vote. If I don’t get elected but the turn out is high, I will be happy that democracy survives…at least in Burntwood.

The local business networking group is full of local talent and is called Burntwood inBusiness

Thank you to them for making me feel welcome and not booing at me when I introduced myself as a Conservative candidate!